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Orchestra and choir recording

Four For Music Ltd. is very proud to represent the finest and most experienced players in Bulgaria – Sofia Session Orchestra & Choir, consisting of musicians from the top orchestras in the country. The standard ensemble we offer consists of 62 people. We estimated that on average we can record around 5 minutes music per hour of our best quality material, depending on the complexity of the music. Here's an example of an ensemble:


 Strings (40) Woodwinds (8) Brass (10) Percussion (3)   Harp
 [12-10-8-6-4] [2-2-2-2]  [4-2-3-1]  Timpani + 2  1

The nature of our business is to provide custom solutions to the clients' requirements. If you wish to record something special with a different number of musicians, do not hesitate to contact us and use the contact form.

We offer the same type of service with the choirs - we can provide mixed, male, female, ethnic Bulgarian singers, and children choirs in different sizes. Please have in mind that singers usually need time to rehearse before the session, as they are not as good sight-readers as instrumentalists.


Do I have to pay extra for royalties?

No, you don't. Each of the contracting services we provide comes with full royalty buyouts. The quote we will offer you is the total amount for the project. There will be no additional charges! What about the payments? All the payments are made by wire transfer to our local bank after we issue an invoice (the transfer fee is paid by the client). Each recording session is very unique and can vary in pricing. In order to see the total cost of your session, please use the contact form. Depending on your budget and needs, we can offer you different options - halls, musicians, equipment - that could lower the cost.


What is the length of a recording session?

A standard recording session is 3 hours long. We take 15 minutes break after each hour, however, this time is not calculated toward the 3-hour session time and you are not charged for it. In other words, it takes us 3.5 hours to record a 3-hour session for you. You can book longer sessions, however, the shortest session we offer is 2 hours long. Have in mind that there is always an hour of studio preparation that needs to be booked prior to the session.


What do I have to prepare for the session?

It is a very good idea to send us the scores as soon as you have them available. Our team will evaluate them and will offer you the most effective way of recording. Please keep in mind that scores which are not written well, can result in delays during the session. If you have doubts about the way you prepare the scores, we will be happy to offer you orchestration, proof-reading and copying. If you wish the orchestra to follow a click track, we will need tempo map (MIDI). If the recording is a part of a bigger arrangement it is a good idea to have the stems for the other instruments, so we can match intonation and interpretation. All audio files should match the sample rate of the project, so for example, if you'd like us to record in 96kHz/24 bit, your .wav files should be with the same properties!

Please, always include 2 free bars at the beginning of the audio, MIDI and scores!


Do I have to be present on the session?

No, you do not. If you think that coming to Bulgaria will cost you too much, we offera stable functioning high-quality remote service which will allow you to be a part of the session in real time. Our audio and video streaming software guarantee that you will be able to listen and watch smoothly your recording session without any problems.


However, if you would like to come to the Sofia Session Studio and be present to your session, our staff will assist you with booking your flight and accommodation in Bulgaria.

Can I conduct my own music?

We will be happy to collaborate with you in person! Please send us your credentials - education and experience, so our conductor can decide if this is appropriate. 


What do you get?

When booking a recording session with us, the team at Four For Music Ltd. will take care of supplying you with our main professional services, as well as some supplementary services, making sure that all your requirements are met.

Here is a list of what you get when you book a session with Four For Music Ltd.:

  • Contracting service with a full royalty buyout - our contracting team will make sure that your traditional/specific orchestra set-up consists of the most excellent and experienced musicians 
  • Conductor for the recording session - we work with the most professional conductors in Bulgaria, with plenty of experience in live concerts and recording sessions 
  • Recording session librarian - a remote session librarian will take care of writing down the details, comments and ideas for each take of your session
  • Printing of the score and parts - we will take care of printing the score and parts for your recording session
  • Real-time audio streaming - we are going to stream your recording session live, so you are able to hear and watch it in real time without any problems
  • Fast turnaround - we start uploading the files from your session when it's done, so they will be at your disposal as soon as possible

The main goal of Four For Music Ltd. is to provide our clients with an end product of premium quality, meeting with the professional standards of the music industry.


Score preparation

Nowadays, most of the composers make use of DAWs to write their music. 

Four For Music Ltd. offers the service of transforming the MIDI in the exact orchestra score, with parts entirely prepared to be performed by the conductor and the musicians. 

Composition, orchestration, arranging

The team at Four For Music Ltd. consists of people with deep knowledge for music, including composers, conductors, sound engineers, musicians and professional orchestrators.

We offer to help and advise our clients when it comes to orchestrating and arranging their musical pieces, providing them with professional advice based on profound knowledge and experience in the music industry.

Four For Music Ltd. employs the services of some of the most noted Bulgarian composers, creating music on demand for TV, films, games, media and advertising. The team has a lot of experience with nearly any music style and genre, hence can provide original orchestral and choral music with remarkably fast turnaround.

Instrument rental

For your records or concert events we could provide a large number of high quality classical and ethnic string and percussion instruments which take part in the symphony orchestra (also jazz, rock, and ethnic bands).

Strings – Double Basses ( 4 string and 5 string), Harp etc.

Percussion – Timpani (Adams), Bass Drum (Adams), Cymbals (Sabian 18”, 20”, 22”), Snare drum, Tam tam, Drum set, Xylophone, Vibraphone, Marimba (Adams), Congas and many others. As well as some rare instruments as Crotales or Ethnic drums (Bendir and etc.)

Winds – All wind players have personal instruments, but we could provide even specific wind instruments as Shepherd’s pipe, Bulgarian kaval, Armenian duduk, etc.

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