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Chapavich Temnitikul / Composer

Four For Music and the Sofia Session Orchestra & Choir transform the complex process of recording a symphony orchestra into a simple procedure. They are highly professional and supportive, and help the composer get through any kind of problems. I enjoyed working with them a lot!

Michael Firmont / Composer

I had an amazing experience working with the Sofia Session Orchestra. Beside their more than amazing service, the fast, kind and honest communication, it was a joy to listen to the orchestras performance, to the emotion, dynamic and live they gave to my piece. The strings are so beautiful, the brass has such a force, I can only just smile when listening to the big trombones, when it becomes loud for the first time or the hornes at the very end. I can't stress this enough, it was a wonderful experience and I can't wait to work with you again!

Dominik Scherrer / Composer

"I am enjoying working with Four For Music and the Sofia Session Orchestra. Remote sessions work smoothly on a technical level, and the players’ musicianship is excellent."

Ian Livingstone / Composer

George Strezov, the Four For Music team, and the Sofia Session Orchestra are amazing: highly efficient, incredibly professional, and fantastic musicians!

Ron Artinian / Composer

I've had the distinct pleasure of working with Four for Music and the Sofia Session Orchestra twice in the last year.  I can say, without hesitation, that I will be coming back to work with them again and again in the future!  Both times, Four For Music recorded orchestral works of mine and both times I've been nothing but impressed with their professionalism, patience, courteousness and, of course, the final product.  The recordings (and the videos of the sessions as well) I am proud to have as part of my portfolio of work.

Chan Kwong Wing / Composer: Infernal Affairs trilogy, SPL: Sha Po Lang, Initial D, Daisy.

I've been collaborating with numerous orchestra from different places; the Sofia Session Orchestra has one of the most impressive brass section with high standard. Four For Music provides a reliable team of conductor, producer and engineers. Working with them is a great experience!

Penka Kouneva / composer, Prince of Persia video game

As an orchestra & choir contractor, George Strezov is easy to work with, cares about his clients and provides great service. He is dedicated to client satisfaction and is accommodating and supportive of their needs. I would gladly work with him and the Sofia Session Orchestra & Choir again.

Jasper Blunk / Composer

In upwards of 100 sessions George Strezov has contracted for me over the last few years, he and his team, with the wonderful groups of musicians they've put together, have all shown unprecedented drive and flexibility. I'm very grateful and hope to continue working with the Sofia Session Orchestra for a long time.

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